How does Title Insurance work?

Typically, when a buyer goes into contract to purchase a piece of real estate they will order title insurance from a title agency like Riverfront either directly or through their attorney.

Riverfront will then perform all the necessary searches of public records available for the block and lot being purchased as well as looking into the sellers for records of judgments or liens. these documents are all collected into an Abstract.

Riverfront will prepare pro- forma that is proofed by our skilled attorneys that highlights any potential issues and suggestions as to how they can be resolved. Once all the documents have been review by all parties and an agreement as been reached a closing will be scheduled to finalize the transaction.

At the closing,Riverfront will assist to make sure all the T's are crossed and I's are dotted. Once the closing is complete Riverfront will issue a title insurance policy, disburse any funds held in escrow and record all the pertinent documents with the applicable recording office.

What is Title Insurance?

Title Insurance is an insurance product that protects the parties in a real estate transaction from defects in the title. For comparison let's look at fire insurance. A fire insurance policy is paid for by a property owner and protects against damages caused by fire. Title insurance is paid for by the property buyer and protects the buyer against claims against the property.